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Title: 1936 Olympics Blocks 5z & 6z
Posted By: Mark Olson (
Posted On: 13/10/2018 at 01:20:08
Message: Thank you Mr Bosworth. I made an error: 1 sheet is 0.l92, the other sheet I quoted as 0.78 on re-measuring is in fact 0.150. The 078 comes from a se-tenant pair. I have 4 of these and each varies considerably in thickness. I presume these are from souvenir sheets. Is there anything else they could have come from? A side issue is the measuring of thickness. It is probably me not knowing how to properly use a micrometer. I find that if I close the pins on a stamp I might get, for example, a 0.50mm reading but then I can back off the pins a bit and still not drop the stamp or be able to move it within the pins and the reading becomes, for example, 0.68. I determine thickness as that point where I can just move the stamp with difficulty. Not to mention the sometimes paper thickness variance within a particular stamp.
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