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Title: Strange postmark & interesting cover
Posted By: Giles du Boulay (
Posted On: 30/11/2019 at 09:29:08
Message: Dear John, indeed in the Michel Specialised catalogue, under Fredersdorf, two examples of the oval cancel are illustrated (without their measurements and there is no reference to three types of the handstamp) one 'coincidentally' dated 27 OKT 1945 as per the first cover you illustrated in this thread. Also the known stamps with the FM (postmaster Franz Massimo) signet are listed, mostly 'Hitler Head' definitives and a few commemoratives but certainly not the May 1945 invalidated 1942 issue Postal Congress of Vienna set (Mi. 820-822). It is noted in Michel that the FM signet stamp is in private hands. There is no reference as to what happened to the datestamp. But all in all I still view the cover as a philatelic fantasy or a forgery. Michel also states that from December 1945 the oval stamp had an 'a' in place of the stars (as you note), so the use of the earlier version on the second cover bearing 1946 issue allied occupation stamps (underfranked by 4Pf: should be letter 16Pf + registration 60Pf) must surely also be dubious, as indeed it looks. Of course one could try submitting these covers to a BPP expertiser but I imagine they would be sent back either as unexpertisable or as obvious forgeries and marked as such. Michel gives as its source reference an article by P. Harder 'Fredersdorf bei Berlin' in Rundbrief 70/1992 (pp30-54) of the Arge Loknot e.V. (now Deutsche Notma├čnahmen ab. 1945 e.V). Best wishes Giles
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