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The year 2014 marked the 50th anniversary of the first year of operation of the Germany & Colonies Philatelic Society following the amalgamation of the Germany & Colonies Stamp Club (established 1947) and the Stockton German Study Group (1960).

The G&CPS celebrated its inaugural year in 1964 with the first Germania Posta philatelic exhibition held in Stockton.

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Posted On: 14/01/2019 at 02:29:50
Message: Dear all, Here are the two files below the back (instructions) and front (scroll way down). I would like to know anything members have about this card from Speers Armaments department/office in 1942. It seems to be a reply card in which what we see here is the enrollment of a business contributing to the war effort. There is an assignment of an RF or RB number. The reply portion unfortunately is not available. This probably provided company information that would have been used in a cardex filing system in Berlin. The Bundesarchive has 14 meters of stacked cards many were destroyed in the bombing. Postcards and Folded Typewriter Postcards are seen infrequently (during the war period I would guess that one in 50 - 100 items that passed through the mails carried the numbers on them. The return portions of the card must be extremely rare. The code here was used for businesses. There are other codes of which the military and munitions numbers are better known. Here the 9-digit number consisted of three parts: 1. The first digit: 0 = Industry; 1 = Craft trades; 2 = Commerce; 3 = Banking; 4 = Insurance; 5 = Energy; 6 = Foreign Trade; 7 = Transportation; 8 = Food economy; and 9 = Other unnamed groups. 2. The second to fifth digits: Gave the location (Kreis – district). 3. The final 4 digits was a number that provided details of each company. The first number on the cards seen so far have been 0 or 1. Is anyone aware of a similar system for military companies/supplies? Ben Beede and I are updating a previous publication and would welcome any additional information/discussion that anyone has. Two files sent -kindly let me know if they both posted. Rob Bell
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