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The year 2014 marked the 50th anniversary of the first year of operation of the Germany & Colonies Philatelic Society following the amalgamation of the Germany & Colonies Stamp Club (established 1947) and the Stockton German Study Group (1960).

The G&CPS celebrated its inaugural year in 1964 with the first Germania Posta philatelic exhibition held in Stockton.

Title: Interesting AMG Covers
Posted By: John Stuart-Clarke (
Posted On: 03/11/2019 at 11:33:45
Message: I thought members might be interested in seeing these two covers which I purchased recently. I found them interesting because, although post-war, the franking machine printed a mark which includes the words "Deutsche Reichspost", which I thought was forbidden once the Allied Military Government took control of Germany. I also like the fact that one was censored and the other not, which nicely illustrates that censorship of internal mail was selective.
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Interesting AMG Covers John Stuart-Clarke 03/11/2019 11:33:45
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